Delta 9 Laboratories currently offers the following services to qualified medical cannabis producers:


  • Natural hydrocarbon and Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction


  • Large-scale dewaxing and decarboxylation
  • Selective pesticide removal (work in progress)
  • Distillation (See details below)


  • Filling and packaging
  • Consultation


Short-path wiped film distillation (SPWED) details:

    • Minimum run size is 350 milliliters
    • Expect 60-70% yield at 80-90+% THC purity, depending on quality of your material
    • Crude oil should be dewaxed and decarboxylated. If not, we can do this for a modest charge.
    • Oil must be from a hydrocarbon (BHO) or supercritical extraction process. We are currently not processing ethanol-based extracts.
    • Normal turnaround is 7 days. Rush orders in 24-48 hours may be accommodated based on availability.. Call for more details.
    • Some pesticide can be selectively removed, call for details
    • Volume discounts available, call for details
    • Flavors, cartridge filling, and packaging services also available
    • Get started by filling out our submission form.

    Note: Prices subject to change anytime without notice.

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The percentage of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) in the distillate depends on the strain, quality, and age of the starting material. Starting materials are typically extracts from natural hydrocarbon (“BHO”) or super critical carbon dioxide extraction. After extraction, the raw oil is typically winterized to remove fats and lipids and other impurities, and then decarboxylated to release carbon dioxide. Once this is done, the oil is ready for purification in the SPWED. More details here